Steyning Arts Trail, Venue 6



Thanks for for everyone who visited us so far! We are open today till 5pm, free tea and cake!

Steyning is a little village worthwhile for a visit especially with all the art to see and things to do.

Steyning Arts Trail

By Nickova Behling

Buy Art – Support your local artists!

Brighton Artists Open Houses last weekend and Steyning Arts Trail will be open from 28 May for two weekends!

Check out my mono prints and solar etchings at the Athletic Clup in Steyning, Venue 6.

Steyning Arts Trail

I am still presented this weekend at the Couch House, 22 Walpole Rd, Brighton BN2 0EA,

including my stunning aerial – sand-paintings.    Art at the Couchhouse

IMG_9155.jpgThere is an extensive amount of diverse art work out there, showing the abundance of creativity in our region.


By Nickova Behling

Collagraph Print Making

Taster workshop as part of the CoachHouse – Artists Open House, Kemptown.

15/05/2016, 2-4pm, at 22 Walpole Road, Brighton BN2 0EA

With artist Nickova Behling

Taster CollagraDSC00261ph Print Making is a 2 hours drop in session, where you will have the opportunity to learn how to create a collagraph print. We will create the inking plate using a stiff piece of cardboard on which we are going to glue a variety of (textured) materials.
Then seal the plate before inking it with water based printing ink.

Collagraph is in principal the making of a print using collages. Colour and texture are the main source in making an effective print.

This process is relatively simple and can be enjoyed by almost every age group.

Cost for the drop –in taster workshop:

£10 plus the cost for the paper.

(You can bring your own printing paper or purchase on the day.)

Bring protective clothing.



By Nickova Behling

Flux of Painting last Sunday

The workshop Flux of Painting last Sunday at the coachhouse was a delight.

Lots of conversations explaining my working technique using soil and sand as a pigment for painting.

Here a few snapshots of the day:

More workshops like this are planed for July and August 2016. Please get in touch if you like more information or would like to book a place.

By Nickova Behling

In the ‘Flux of Painting’

08/05/2016, 2-4pm, at 22 Walpole Road, Brighton BN2 0EA

DSC00185_2 - Version 3Taster workshop as part of the CouchHouse – Artists Open House, Kemptown.

In the ‘Flux of Painting’ is a 2 hours drop in session, where you will have the opportunity to learn how to create a flowing, textured painting using natural pigments such as sand and soil. We will work water based with an acrylic medium and acrylic paint.

Since the pigments are heavy and we are going to use lots of water in the process of painting, canvas is a good surface. You could bring your own or by from me.


Cost for the drop –in taster workshop:

£8 plus the price for a canvas

(£2- £8 per canvas depending on sizes. The canvases provided are from the shop THE WORKS and sold to the same price as I bought it.)

Please feel free to bring your own canvas or primed cardboard.

Bring protective clothing.






By Nickova Behling