How to do a Collagraph

Collagraph is in principal the making of a print using a collage technique. Colour and texture are the main source in making an effective print.

The printing plate is created by using a stiff piece of cardboard on which a variety of (textured) materials are glued.
The plate is sealed with varnish  before inking it with water based printing ink.

This process is relatively simple and can be enjoyed by almost any age group.

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The following examples from the Introduction Workshop to Collagraph Printmaking show the process in more detail:


IMG_0253Creating the printing plate







Once the glue is dry  the printing plate is pressed onto newsprint under the printing press (to ensure excess glue is removed) before being varnished.



After the varnish is completely  dry the printing plate is inked up (we use water based safe ink, working without spirit thinner)


The inked printing plate is placed on to the printing paper and put through the press. (Here we used hand made watercolour paper lightly damped)

IMG_0329 - Version 2

print by Felicity Thorpe


If you are interested in an introduction day go to Introduction Workshop to Collagraph Printmaking and submit your enquiries.

The 2- Day ‘Follow-Up’ Collagraph Printing

This course is for anyone already familiar with the technique and is running over 2 days to give you an opportunity to build your printing plate in more detail on the first day and to develop your print on the second day.


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