Taster Days for Solar Plate Etching using Natural Sunlight


The first Taster-Day, in Eastbourne, Sussex, UK went extremely well. All participants were up for the experiment of exposing the solar plate to the real sunlight.

Everyone had brought an image on acetate or mark resists transparent, either a drawing with Indian ink or a B&W photograph.

After explaining the process and possibilities of solar plate etching, as well as the unpredictability if using real sunlight exposure, all decided to go ahead and expose their plate to the sun.

Although it clouded over, the plates were well exposed with 3 minutes under the sky.

Developed in hand-warm water, air-dried with a hair dryer and hardened by further post exposure to the daylight, the plates were ready to be inked up and printed after our lunch break.

All prints came out very well and due to the individual templates used, to create the plate, the outcome were diverse in tone, contrast and composition.

Prints by:                 A Hyde, P Bartholomew, S Johnston and M Lindsdell

Next Taster-Days for Solar Plate Etching:

I will do another taster day on Saturday 21st, Oct, this week, 11am -4pm, £25 per day. Plates and printing paper to be purchased by me or bring your own, water based ink and cartridge paper for test prints will be freely provided. (We work with A5 size Toyobo plates from Lawrence).

People can also bring an A5 B&W photo image printed on acetate or draw their image on mark resist on the day.

I will give a detailed explanation of solar plate etching, different forms of the use of templates and the exposure with natural sunlight. Printing of the plate happens on the second half of the day.

Half-Day Introduction and possible exposure of a plate and 6 weeks course:

I am also starting a 6 weeks course from Tue 24th October with an introduction on Tue 24th – if anyone is interested this is only half day 11-13:30,including a theoretical introduction and the possibility to create a plate, but there will be no time for printing on Tue 24th. Printing will be possible in the 5 weeks afterwards. The 6 weeks course will also give time to explore variations of template exposure, creating texture plates and printing with multiple plates.

Cost for 6 week course or half day Introduction:

Half- day Introduction on 24th/10,    £15,

All 6 session, £90, advance booking necessary.

Leaving out the 1 intro session because you’ve been on a taster day, is £75 for the following 5 session. (Please pre book)

Cost includes ink (Water based intaglio/relief ink) and cartridge paper for test prints. It does not include the plate or printing paper. (Purchase from me: £6 for A5 Toyobo plate and £2 for A1 Fabriano paper. People can buy half size or share the paper) or bring your own.

Address for the workshop:

The Print Room,

Devonshire Collective Eastbourne,

DC2 Artist Studios & Makerspaces

137-139 Seaside Road, Eastbourne BN21 3PG

WEB: http://devonshirecollective.co.uk/

By Nickova Behling

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