Explorative Solar Plate Etching

6 weeks course starting tomorrow!

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6 weeks course starts tomorrow, 24th October, DC Eastbourne, 11am – 1:30pm.

You do not need to book all 6 sessions but if you like to get a print after introduction to the exposure options you need to book 2 sessions. If you’ve been on the taster sessions,  please come in to print your plates. Get in touch so I am able to ensure I have enough material on the day.

Solar-Plate-Collagraph and Solar-Plate-Collage

The introduction day on Saturday to solar plate etching using real sun light exposure or a UV exposure box was a real treat again. Artist Tabi Turner and Sue Sergeant experimented with different techniques of Solar-Plate-Collagraph and Solar-Plate-Collage.

Even with Storm Brian around, we found a moment of sun. We where finding out if we could expose a B&W paper copy onto the plate. We hold out for 10 min but unfortunately it wasn’t enough light and the plate stayed unexposed.

We did not gave up on the plate and  Sue experimented with pressing texture into the wet polymere surface of the unexposed area:

A process which created a similar look to a collagraph – the Solar-Plate-Collograph. Above you see the plate and print.

Below an example  by Tabi of creating the layout for the Solar Plate using indian ink drawings on tracing paper, mark resits and adding textured, semi transparent templates to the plate – the Solar-Plate -Collage. This plate was exposed for 3 minutes under the newly build UV exposure box.

We went back to expose the B&W paper copy onto the plate using the UV light box. To be sure the plate will be exposed we left it under the box for 2 hours – and got a result!

The plate might have been over exposed in some areas and next testing by gradually reducing the exposure time of the UV box should hopefully provide a shorter timeframe.

Below are some of the prints created:

sue solar collagraph

Printed by Sue Sergeant, using the Solar-Plate-Collargraph method.






tabi print no 1

Tabi Turners print using the Solar-Plate-Collage technique. This is one-plate print, inked up in two colours in intaglio and relief.





first UV box test print

My own little test print when using the newly build UV box the first time.

Time of exposure from 1- 3 min. The image used was a B&W photo of a textured graveyard stone, printed on acetate and the original has a light area in the middle.



By Nickova Behling

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