Nickova Behling

DSC01693 - Version 3

I am a visual artist and provide opportunities for people to engage in visual
art processes, including adults with mental health problems and learning disabilities.

Apart from working on my own artwork (visit Nickova, I work in project and administrative roles, including art education and workshops. I am a Creative Mentor, providing personal sessions on how to achieve the life and creativity you desire.



As part of my practice I initiate community arts projects, examples are STEAM, Exploration Art Project and Following Shanks Pony.
I often work in collaboration with other artists, to enhance mutual professional development and skill sharing opportunities.



Artist Statement

I have specialised in painting but also work with photography, both as an independent medium for expression and as a source of inspiration for my paintings.

My work is strongly related to, and grounded on, the theory of art as an expression, which for me means the expression and communication of emotions in an abstract, informal way, using colour, forms and textures in their pure essence.

I work with a variety of media including acrylic paint, ink and natural pigments such as sand, soil, coffee grain and ashes. The work is abstract and informal, expressing ideas, memories and emotions. I see my expressions as a dialogue with the inner self and the experience of the outer world.


To view some of the  projects and work created in previous years please follow the flickr links below:

“Memory Traces of Colebrook”

Collaborative Paintings

Explorative paintings by Nickova Behling



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