About Artahead

Artahead provides a hub for artists working together creating opportunities for people to engage in visual art processes, including people with mental health problems and learning disabilities.

Artahead was founded by Nickova Behling after the successful project ‘Explorat075ion’.

Exploration ran at the Colebrook Day Services in 2009 over a period of three months.  Nickova was working in collaboration with artist Sue Sargeaunt. It was the first project in which Nickova worked with participants with severe learning disabilities and multiple needs.

The project was enormously satisfying for artists and participants alike.

Exploration continued into a second phase – touring exhibitions throughout Surrey to show publicly the variety and diversity of artwork created.

It gave Nickova the inspiration to develop her engagement with facilitation and collaborative work.

STEAM grew from a newly formed working relationship with Brighton based artist Michael Corlett. The form this new project has taken suggests a direction for Artahead to follow, combining inclusive workshop facilitation, project management, exhibitions, artist based research and collaboration.

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