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img_6448From the Farm to the Living-Room


This year at the Artist Open House I will feature two expressive art works of mine: “Chesworth”, actually made out of 4 canvases 91 x 91 cm each, created on a diverted sheep farm in Horsham, south of England, and “Under a Foreign Rain”,  work on paper from a series created under this subject whilst living in San Francisco, CA, USA.

This is not your usual Artist Open House experience; the work is dynamic, moody and expressive. It is exhibited here at the Brighton Artist Open House, No 53 (Trail’s End@No.5) together with the expressionistic work of William De Belleroche, an artist who has lived and worked at 5 Arundel Terrace in the mid 20th century.

My  large scale paintings are exhibited together with some of my, smaller works of mono-prints and solar plate etchings.

All four artist exhibiting at 5 Arundel Terrace have a close relationship to the environment, they are or have been living and working in the house or the close neighbourhood.

Showcasing work which is spanning over nearly a 100 years, the exhibition is diverse in style and for sure something will be there for everyone to enjoy.


UNDER A FOREIGN RAIN,  (detail), painting by Nickova Behling


CHESWORTH NO 2, (detail), painting by Nickova Behling


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