Collaborative Painting


Collaborative Paintings with artist Holli Macnamara

In May I worked with artist Holli Macnamara on collaborative paintings at the Devonshire Collective in Eastbourne.

Hollie, who saw my website, had only a few weeks earlier contacted me. Realising that we have a similar approach in our creative practice we decided to work collaboratively on paintings.

We had set up for a full weekend, occupied the DC 3 workshop space and got messy. After a few quick and satisfying small canvases we decided to work large on wallpaper laid out in long bars on the floor.

The process was intense, some times frustrating and very challenging as we worked informal, without giving us a specific subject. Form, colour, movement and texture was important for us. Finding a composition that would please us both was difficult and we were going from creation to destruction and re-creation many times. At one point the work seemed so messy and dark, nearly destroyed… We did recover it and followed on to a square format on stretched canvas. The square format felt comfortable to both of us, providing an equal sized ‘playing area’.

We booth felt we just only started what could become a fruitful relationship in painting. There is still lots to discover about each our methods and thinking processes and we are looking forward to meet again, continuing our painterly adventures.

Below some images of the process:


Part of Artist Open House

img_6448From the Farm to the Living-Room


This year at the Artist Open House I will feature two expressive art works of mine: “Chesworth”, actually made out of 4 canvases 91 x 91 cm each, created on a diverted sheep farm in Horsham, south of England, and “Under a Foreign Rain”,  work on paper from a series created under this subject whilst living in San Francisco, CA, USA.

This is not your usual Artist Open House experience; the work is dynamic, moody and expressive. It is exhibited here at the Brighton Artist Open House, No 53 (Trail’s End@No.5) together with the expressionistic work of William De Belleroche, an artist who has lived and worked at 5 Arundel Terrace in the mid 20th century.

My  large scale paintings are exhibited together with some of my, smaller works of mono-prints and solar plate etchings.

All four artist exhibiting at 5 Arundel Terrace have a close relationship to the environment, they are or have been living and working in the house or the close neighbourhood.

Showcasing work which is spanning over nearly a 100 years, the exhibition is diverse in style and for sure something will be there for everyone to enjoy.


UNDER A FOREIGN RAIN,  (detail), painting by Nickova Behling


CHESWORTH NO 2, (detail), painting by Nickova Behling


Great News – New workshops ahead!

IMG_9853 - Version 2

Tight Modern Workshops 2016

Nickova Behling is facilitating the free art workshops as part of the Tight Modern, a miniature replica of the ‘Tate Modern’, which is showcasing the best of the UK’s marginalised artists.

Workshops are available at various venues and leading up to the touring showcase. For those who are interested, can create a piece of work to submit to the Tight Modern.

Go to Tight Modern on Artahead website for more info on course content and venues.

Booking is essential and you can do this via the Tight Modern website or call Creative Future directly on 01273 234780.


Up coming course with Creative Future, Sept – Dec 2016

Organising an Art Exhibition – Brighton

This is a practical, hands on course in which participants organise their group show using their ready-made art work.  Participants will create a budget for the exhibition, organise a preview and promote the show.  We’re very grateful to the Regency Townhouse for providing the space at no cost.

Your artwork needs to be ready to exhibit. Please bring some examples of your work (photos are fine) to the first session so the group can discuss and decide what will go on show.

The course is comprised of 4 x two hour sessions, but at least 4+ ad hoc additional hours outside of the monthly meetings would be expected.  Limited to 5-7 participants.

Booking is essential. Please book your place with Creative Future 


More Collagraph Printmaking


Another 1 day Introduction to Collagraph Printing on the 11 Oct

And 2 days ‘Follow-up’ Collagraph Printing Course on 17/18 Oct

The 2- Day ‘Follow-Up’ Collagraph Printing

This course is for anyone already familiar with the technique and is running over 2 days to give you an opportunity to build your printing plate in more detail on the first day and to develop your print on the second day.

For information and how to book a place go to Workshops for Collagraph Printmaking


with artist Nickova Behling


Collograph by Lorrain Hayes


Create and print in a relaxing atmosphere at  the Coachhouse Kemptown, in Brighton.

For  information on collograph printmaking go to How to do a Collagraph

Date and time:

Monday 1st August, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm,

£37 / day  (concession available on request. Please contact nickovaathotmaildotcom).

RSVP to reserve your place:

Tel: o7766 662oo3 or email nickovaathotmaildotcom

Information and address of the venue go to the coachhouse, Kemptown, Brighton.

The Flow of Painting – Creativity from Inside-Out

Restore your balance, regain your energy and relax whilst immersing yourself into the flux and flow of the painterly process.



The next joyful afternoon painting workshop is on the 24th of January, 2pm – 4 pm

Cost £20. Acrylic paint and a small canvas included.

(If you would like to work on more than one canvas you can make a purchase at my studio or bring your own)

The sessions are for adults only and no previous experience is necessary. We paint in a small group, exploring colour and texture of the painterly process.

RSVP via ‘comments’ (right-hand side column at the bottom) if you would like to book a place or have any further questions.

The Sunday afternoons are there to let go to, re-charge and re-energize by doing something that is enjoyable and relaxing.

By immersing yourself into an abstract painterly process you begin to create something from within you. By doing so you create a very unique and secretive visual, which is stunning in its complexity, without being explicit. That’s your intuition laid out in front of you. Painting by painting we can unleash this by learning how to let go, how to free our self into the process of painting and by an increasing knowledge of how to use the painterly explorative techniques.

Last Sunday we started with exercises involving free flow painting and working blind-folded. This was to ensure a strong focus on the movement and feel of the paintbrush and its contact on the surface, without the wish to ‘paint something in particular’.

After the exercise we continued the development on the canvas.


Free Flow Painting, by Monique Kleinfeld



Free Flow Painting (blind folded), by Monique Kleinfeld












Work on canvas, by Monique Kleinfeld
















More Workshops starting in February including the opportunity to book a course over 6 sessions on Wednesday evening or Sunday mornings.

Sunday afternoon sessions:

February: 07th, 28th and March 06th, 13th , 2 – 4pm

Wednesday evening sessions:

February: 03rd/10th/24th, March: 02nd/09th/16th , 7-9pm (you can book this period as a course)

Sunday morning course (6 sessions in total to develop you creativity and confidence)

Starting in April 17th/24th, May 8th/22nd, June 05th/19th, 11am – 01pm

Wednesday evening courses:

Starting in April: 27th, May: 4th/11th/18th/25th, June 01st/08th/15th/22nd/28th


Sessions: 2 hours, £20

Course: 6 sessions, £100

Booking is essential for sessions and courses.

You secure your booking by making a prepayment, which is a minimum of 50%. There is a 48 hour cancelation policy: in case of any cancelation under 48 hours (2 days) prior to the workshop no refund of the canceled session will be made. There will be no refunds for canceled sessions during courses but depending on circumstances you might be able to add a session at the end of your course.

ARTAHEAD is wishing for a creative, peaceful and inspiring 2016!

Starting the year with two Sunday afternoon painting workshops:


Release your creativity and bring some colour to the winter blues.

Relax, chill-out and lighten up your days during the painterly process in the intimate ambiance of the artist studio.

There are still places available for  Sunday 17th January and 24th January, 2pm – 4 pm, cost £20, Acrylic paint and a small canvas included.

(If you would like to work on more than one canvas you can make a purchase at my studio or bring your own)

The sessions are for adults only and no previous experience is necessary. We paint in a small group, exploring colour and texture of the painterly process.

RSVP via messages if you would like to book a place or have any further questions.

Painting as part of your Wellbeing

The Sunday afternoon painting workshops started last November out of the impulse to offer something unpretentious to unfold ones creativity in a safe, supportive and relaxing atmosphere.painting is wellbeing

There is no need to always paint on large formats to be expressive. Allocating the space to explore helps unwind and release the creative energy that’s already inside you: allowing you to liberate your imagination

Immersing yourself into the painterly process lets you forget about the daily worries and gives you a moment of inner peace and focus, which can be compared with a meditative experience. Most people feel refreshed and uplifted after the session.

The images below are examples of work created in the last month sessions.

Work by Ana Sophia Ferreira

Ana Sophia Ferr


Work by Lucy Richards



Work by Ana Kuzan

Ana Kuzan.jpg

Ana Kuzan

Work by Jane Angress

Jane Angress

Jane Angress