Painting Workshops


Painting as part of your Wellbeing

The idea for the Sunday afternoon painting workshop started out of the impulse to offer something unique to unfold ones creativity in a safe, supportive and relaxing atmosphere.

There is no need to always paint on large formats in order to be expressive. Working in the petite-like studio of the artist, on small paper or canvas, gives room to focus. Allocating the space to explore helps unwind and release the creative energy that’s already inside of you: allowing you to liberate your imagination.

Immersing yourself into the painterly process lets you forget about the daily worries and gives you a moment of inner peace and focus, which can be compared with a meditative experience. Most people feel refreshed and uplifted after the session.

The sessions are for adults only and no previous experience is necessary. We paint in a small group (or one-to-one sessions) allowing for personal tailored support, exploring colour and texture of the painterly process.

For outcomes of previous Sunday afternoon sessions go to Winter/Spring 2016 or check the post at The Flow of Painting – Creativity from Inside-Out

Nickova Behling is also providing Printing Workshops, and facilitates workshops for other organisations (Subcontracted Workshops).


Booking is essential for sessions and courses.

Course prices vary. Please use the contact form below to request information.

You secure your booking by making a prepayment, which is a minimum of 50%. There is a 48 hour cancellation policy: in case of any cancellation under 48 hours (2 days) prior to the workshop no refund of the cancelled session will be made. There will be no refunds for cancelled sessions during courses but depending on circumstances you might be able to reschedule.

Contact Artahead for enquiries by leaving your details and click ‘Submit’ below:

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