Workshops for Collagraph Printmaking


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One-Day introduction course exploring the making of a Collagraph print

This short but intense introduction to collagraph printing provides an opportunity to get to know the details of creating a print using this fun and playful collage printing style.

The course is designed for anyone who always wanted to know about collagraph printmaking but also for anyone wanting a refresher on this kind of printmaking.


The prepared printing plates. These plates are attractive on their own, especially after they have been inked and printed.

Collagraph printing produces only a very small edition of prints and some artists often keep the plate as an original artwork in addition to the prints.


Collagraph print on hand made water colour paper:


Sue Sargeaunt



The 2- Day ‘Follow-Up’ Collagraph Printing

This course is running over 2 days to give you an opportunity to build your printing plate in more detail on the first day and to develop your print on the second day.

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