The Common Jellyfish

I am getting obsessed with the common jellyfish, I am finding here washed up at the beaches.

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It’s the Chrysaora hysoscella, also known as the compass jellyfish. It is in fact (reading Wikipedia) a very common species of jellyfish that lives in coastal waters of the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

The Chrysaora can be as big as 30cm in diameter. Its 24 tentacles are arranged in eight groups of three. It usually has 16 markings on the bell resembling extended v’s, surrounding a central brown spot.

There is actually a mouth located at the bottom centre of the bell, between 4 larger tentacles. I believe they catch their prey (I don’t know what they feed on?) with the sting of their tentacles. These ones have apparently only a light sting (I have not experienced it).

The tentacles are often underneath the belly when washed up at the beach or gone already, but the 16 doted markings and the drawn out v-lines from each spot are visible. A very beautiful creature of course much more so when they’re swimming in the sea. Unfortunately I am not a diver, only saw them when on a small boats tour here at Clew Bay, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland.

I am taking the challenge of creating some small lino cuts of Chrysaora.


By Nickova Behling

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