A very inspiring workshop


Collagraph Printmaking at Custom House Studios, Westport, Co. Mayo Ireland

I facilitated a small group in the technique of Collagraph printing. Tailored to individual experience and skills of four artist, the course was inspiring, very productive, creatively and sociable rewarding.

Here a few examples of how and what was created:

Creating the print-plate:


A print inked in combination of intaglio and relieve:

By Livvie Daly

Intaglio inked prints:


By Nuala Gorman



By Linda Barrett



By Sinead Wall


Collagraph plates printed with use of Chine-cole techniques (use of tissue paper or newsprint into the print):

Prints by Linda Barrett (Circle) and Nuala Gorman (Landscape)


Three plates were printed creating this print:


By Livvie Daly


Combination of intaglio and relieve inked plate (Fish), printed with inked net material:


By Sinead Wall

By Nickova Behling

Printmaking workshops in Ireland


Collagraph Printing with Nickova Behling

Collagraph is in principal a type of mono-print using a collage technique. The printing plate is created by gluing a variety of (textured) materials onto a stiff piece of cardboard. The cardboard can also be scratched or perforated leaving marks which will show up on the print. It is often printed in a combination of relief and intaglio techniques. Colour and texture are the main source in making an effective print. Dense texture will provide darker surfaces; using acrylic media, glue and tape can add softer tones. The plate is sealed with varnish before inking it with (water based) printing ink. The method is experimental and playful, using a variety of texture and shapes to create a printing plate. Working with templates and chine-colle techniques (application of light paper to the plate) as well as inking the plate in different colours, can all add to the depth and expression of the print. The printing plate of a collagraph often becomes an aesthetic object itself and artists sometimes note it as an artwork in its own right.

(Brief slide show about Collagraph printmaking click here

The workshops taking place in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland at Customhouse Studios.

Booking advised  at 00353 (0) 98 28735 or email: customhouse@eircom.net

By Nickova Behling

Collaborative Painting


Collaborative Paintings with artist Holli Macnamara

In May I worked with artist Holli Macnamara on collaborative paintings at the Devonshire Collective in Eastbourne.

Hollie, who saw my website, had only a few weeks earlier contacted me. Realising that we have a similar approach in our creative practice we decided to work collaboratively on paintings.

We had set up for a full weekend, occupied the DC 3 workshop space and got messy. After a few quick and satisfying small canvases we decided to work large on wallpaper laid out in long bars on the floor.

The process was intense, some times frustrating and very challenging as we worked informal, without giving us a specific subject. Form, colour, movement and texture was important for us. Finding a composition that would please us both was difficult and we were going from creation to destruction and re-creation many times. At one point the work seemed so messy and dark, nearly destroyed… We did recover it and followed on to a square format on stretched canvas. The square format felt comfortable to both of us, providing an equal sized ‘playing area’.

We booth felt we just only started what could become a fruitful relationship in painting. There is still lots to discover about each our methods and thinking processes and we are looking forward to meet again, continuing our painterly adventures.

Below some images of the process:


Five years of kdoutsiderart: a celebration

New discovery in Brighton – I am going tonight to the opening – Please join me if you like to exchange the grey dull day for a bright and beautiful evening.


Happy New Year! January 2017 is an exciting time for kdoutsiderart.com, as it marks 5 years since the very very first blog post! To mark this occasion, there will be two exciting things happening over the next couple of months. Before I go into these, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the artists who have shared their work on the blog throughout the past 5 years, and a big thanks also goes to all of you readers – you’ve all given me reason to carry on writing when I felt I was sending stuff out into the abyss!

To thank you all, and to celebrate five years, I wanted to produce something physical in addition to something that is accessible from all over the world. For this reason, there will be two different exhibitions happening over the next couple of months. The first is a physical exhibition in Brighton…

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By Nickova Behling

Seasons Greetings from Artahead


With the first day of winter I would like to say thank you to having made the last year at Artahead img_1575a creative, playful and experimental venture!

We are looking back at some amazing workshops in printmaking as well as working for Creative Future and the Recovery college




Also the very excitement of Artahead’s sideline, managing the Tight Modern






Winter artists open house with music by Eugene McCloskey

And some very successful mentoring sessions


Wishing you all a peaceful and joyful festive season and a great start into the New Year.

Looking forward to another amazing year at Artahead.




By Nickova Behling

The Gallery of Everything — Outside In Blog

The Gallery of Everything opened in London in September 2016. The latest incarnation of James Brett’s Museum of Everything, it is described as London’s first commercial gallery dedicated to non-academic artists and private art-makers. For this week’s Outside In blog Cathy Ward visited the gallery’s inaugural exhibition, Jarvis Cocker’s Journeys Into the Outside. The Gallery of EVERYTHING Presents: […]

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By Nickova Behling

Part of Artist Open House

img_6448From the Farm to the Living-Room


This year at the Artist Open House I will feature two expressive art works of mine: “Chesworth”, actually made out of 4 canvases 91 x 91 cm each, created on a diverted sheep farm in Horsham, south of England, and “Under a Foreign Rain”,  work on paper from a series created under this subject whilst living in San Francisco, CA, USA.

This is not your usual Artist Open House experience; the work is dynamic, moody and expressive. It is exhibited here at the Brighton Artist Open House, No 53 (Trail’s End@No.5) together with the expressionistic work of William De Belleroche, an artist who has lived and worked at 5 Arundel Terrace in the mid 20th century.

My  large scale paintings are exhibited together with some of my, smaller works of mono-prints and solar plate etchings.

All four artist exhibiting at 5 Arundel Terrace have a close relationship to the environment, they are or have been living and working in the house or the close neighbourhood.

Showcasing work which is spanning over nearly a 100 years, the exhibition is diverse in style and for sure something will be there for everyone to enjoy.


UNDER A FOREIGN RAIN,  (detail), painting by Nickova Behling


CHESWORTH NO 2, (detail), painting by Nickova Behling


The Tight Modern has a new manager!

It’s old news – I am already in post for one month. I hit the ground running and, what is the world’s smallest pop-up gallery, is now established for the first show of its 2016/17 touring exhibition in

Brighton at the Jubilee Library, with a Private View on 24th of November, 5-7pm.

The Tight Modern is an 8ft x 5ft miniature replica of the iconic Tate Modern, showcasing the UK’s best marginalised artists.


Tight Modern is produced by Creative Future, an award-winning charity based in Brighton, south England, that provides training, mentoring and showcasing opportunities for talented writers and artists who lack opportunities due to mental health issues, disability, identity, health or social circumstances.

By Nickova Behling

DigiBuddies — Outside In Blog

I like one too!

Sarah Pickthall and Annalees Lim are currently running the DigiBuddies creative social media course at Pallant House Gallery. We asked Sarah to tell us more about DigiBuddies and how the SprungDigi project has grown since their inaugural festival in 2015. “The world is moving so fast and learning disabled people are being left behind. We need […]

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By Nickova Behling